(Voice by Sean Connery)
More glorious of the sun, more powerful of an army, he accepts to give his heart to young boy so that kingdom can have its freedom back again

(Dannis Quaid)
Knight of the Ancient Code and tutor to young Einon he forms an alliance with Draco to fight tyranny and the cruel king's abuses of power.

(Dina Meyer)
Just like her father before her, Kara won't find peace until she frees her people from King Einon's yoke. Her courage spurs Bowen to fight for honour and glory.

(Pete Postlethwaite)
Brother Gilbert, devoted to writing and poetry, during his research of the disappeared town of Avalon, meets Bowen and joins his cause.

(Julie Christie)
Convincing the dragon to save her son Einon from death the Queen will take upon herself the guilt of the horrible situation her people are in.

(David Thewlis)
Once he's saved from death the ingenious prince turns into a bloody king, betraying the promises to Bowen and Draco.

(Brian Thompson)
An abominable character, the esquire executes all the cruel tasks that King Freyne first and Einon then grant him.

(Jason Isaacs)
Accomplices to King Einon, he will betray him because of his cowardy.