MCA Sountracks Records - MCAD 11449


1. The World Of The Heart - Main Title 4:17
2. To The Star 3:11
3. Wonders Of An Anciet Glory 2:21
4. Einon 3:53
5. The Last Dragon Slayer 4:00
6. Bowen's Ride 2:33
7. Mexican Standoff 2:20
8. Draco 1:13
9. A Refreshing Swim 1:25
10. Re-Baptism 2:47
11. Bowen's Decoy 3:22
12. Kyle, The Wheat Boy 4:24
13. The Connection 2:25
14. Flight To Avalon 2:54
15. Finale 5:28

For download MIDI files from soundtrack go to "DragonHeart MP3s and MIDIs"

Album Producer: Randy Edelman
Executive Producer: Rob Cohen
Associate Producer: Elton Ahi

Orchestration: Ralph Ferraro
Orchestra Contractor: Sandy DeCrescent
Orchestra Recorded: Dennis Sands at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA
Rhythm and Synthesizers Recorder: Elthon Ahi at Rush Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA

Music Editor: Joanie Diener
Assistant Music Editor: Christine Cholvin
Music Preparation: Julian Bratolyubov
Scoring Crew: Tim Malone, Sue McLean, Irl Sanders and Jill Tengan
Mixed: Elthon Ahi at Rush Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA
Digital Editing: Irl Sanders
Mastered: Yas Maeda at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA